Nulight provides a tailored end-to-end service from physical repair and digitisation of analog media to delivery of restored and remastered film for broadcast, theatre and home entertainment. Our state-of-the-art facilities include 4K HDR film scanning, a digital restoration suite equipped with Digital Vision Phoenix and HS-Art Diamant, as well as film and TV colour grading using Baselight.

Repair & Clean

Before any film is transferred it is cleaned and any necessary repairs made by our team.

As well as helping to deliver a cleaner and more stable image this preparation stage significantly reduces the time and cost of any subsequent restoration

Throughout this process your films whereabouts are tracked and all materials securely stored.

Film Scanning

We use the state of the art Golden Eye 4 archive scanner which is both gentle on film and supports all standard plus many obsolete formats.

Scan from HD to 4K resolution, and 10, 12 or 16 bit colour to DPX or other digital formats.

Versatile scanning options allow precise control over the films appearance including one light transfer, best light transfer and HDR double exposure scanning for dense prints.

Tape Transfer

Precious images stored on video tape are rapidly deteriorating and must be digitised before they are lost forever.

We transfer a wide range of amateur and professional video tape formats, recover any lost picture information and upscale to HD or UHD.

Whether you have one tape or a library of thousands your media will be digitised to the highest standards for future generations to enjoy.

Picture Restoration

Maximise the future potential of your archive film with our picture restoration services.

Our experienced staff pride themselves on being able to digitally repair the most complicated and challenging damage in order to restore film to its former glory.

Whatever it’s condition, our team of experts are always on hand to help you decide on the best and most cost effective approach to restoring your film.

Sound Restoration

Over the years, audio recorded onto analog media will degrade and the sound will fade or muffle.

Our sound restoration process begins with a clean and noise-free digital transfer.

Then our talented in-house audio technicians apply their skill and experience to bring your audio back to life, producing a clearer, fuller sound.

Colour Grading

Colour grading can be one of the most impactful changes you can make to your film. It has the potential to elevate a good image to great, or a great image to outstanding.

The old photochemical approach to colour grading is extremely limited compared to what can be achieved using a digital approach. We offer two levels of digital colour grading which differ in objective and capability.

In both cases, we will work closely with you during this often subjective process in order to achieve the desired look.

Film Remastering

Nothing compares to the experience of watching a beloved film that’s been painstakingly restored and remastered from the original negative.

The increased sharpness, greater resolution and deeper colours reveal never before seen details, breathing new life into a once forgotten story.

At Nulight we oversee the entire remastering process from tracking down original negative, scanning, editing, restoration, grading and DCP mastering.

Standards Conversion

With the multitude of evolving standards for broadcast, theatrical or home entertainment it is essential to get it right.

We will guide you through the maze of options and guarantee you meet the exact requirements for your delivery.

Each step of the conversion process, be it standards, frame rate, upscaling, colourspace or legalising, undergoes strict quality control to ensure fidelity to the original file.