We have developed customised services for a wide range of archive owners from cultural institutions, libraries and universities to record labels, archive websites and private collectors. We provide a professional, high-quality and cost-effective service, that combines innovative techniques with in-depth experience of audiovisual digitisation, preservation and monetisation.


We understand the vital role archive film plays in our shared history and the importance of preserving audiovisual collections before they are lost.

Nulight Studios is approved by the BFI, BBC, ITV and many other national and regional archives to work with master copies of culturally important film.

By working with us you will ensure your precious collections are preserved for generations to come.


The demand for high quality, high resolution content is accelerating. With over 80 years of television archive available to be digitised and remastered in full 4K there’s never been a better opportunity to repackage this content for a brand new audience.

At nulight we work closely with film and television production companies around the world looking for a fast and high-quality way to repurpose archive for broadcast.


Fast and reliable access to high quality content is an essential part of your business. We work closely with you to ensure your titles arrive in good condition and in the right format for theatrical, broadcast or DVD delivery.

We can manage as much or as little as you need including secure transportation of film material, ultrasonic cleaning, HD to 4K scanning, sound capture, remastering from original A & B roll negative, grading and even colourisation of black and white film.


Animation is unique and so is our approach to restoring it. We’ve developed a range of techniques to address the specific needs of stop-motion film.

By applying this specialist skillset we can take your original negative and create 4K remastered versions to be enjoyed by todays digital audience.

We have worked with leading animators around the world including Aardman Animation, Mackinnon & Saunders and the Cartoon Network.


You’ve spent decades building your brand into what it is today. The films in your archive offer a powerful way to grow your companies brand by connecting with todays digital customer base.

Our experienced team can help unlock this incredible resource by advising on the most cost-effective approach to digitising and restoring your film.


Your institution faces ongoing challenges to catalogue and preserve your archived assets.

Whilst carefully controlled storage conditions can help to stabilise many historic assets, physical film, tape and audio media in particular do deteriorate over time.

Working closely with you we can help protect your audiovisual collections and make your incredible heritage available to the world.


Some consumer scanners can damage your film or leave it looking washed out. Digitally preserve your memories using scanning technology normally only available to professional filmmakers.

By repairing wear and tear and restoring lost detail your film will look like it was shot yesterday. With a wide choice of ways to watch your finished film including  MP4, Apple Quicktime, DVD or BluRay there’s no better time to digitise your film.