Nulight scanned broadcast archive film for the new natural history series ‘A Life Among Monkeys’.

The co-production of Terra Mater Factual Studios and Smithsonian Networks produced by Keo Films, tells the story of Smithsonian primatologist, Dr Wolfgang Dittus, through the unfolding narrative of the lives of the toque macaques monkeys, among the spectacular ruins of an ancient temple in the heart of the Sri Lankan jungle.

The story of the pioneering scientist and his lifelong study is explained with compelling new natural history sequences, and supplemented by a rich film archive spanning 40 years.

Writer and Director, John Capener, explains:

“We wanted to re-transfer some footage from 20 year old broadcast neg. The reels were not properly logged and it could have been too expensive a proposition. Sam and his team worked out the simplest and most cost effective way to eye-match what we needed. They then processed our selects to produce stunning 4K quality images that absolutely stand up against the footage we shot on 6K cameras.”