Project Description

Hot on the heels of the successful remastering of Animated Conversations, Nulight’s collaboration with Aardman Animation continued with the digital remastering of the follow-up series called Conversation Pieces.

The film series by Peter Lord and David Sproxton included five separate claymations, each aired on Channel Four between 1982 and 1983.

Each episode comprised of 16mm A&B roll negatives accompanied by audio on 16mm separate magnetic audio tape.

All the negatives were cleaned and digitised at 4K resolution and 16-bit colour followed by frame-perfect re-editing of each A and B roll.

The digital copies then underwent weeks of meticulous restoration. Among the more complex challenges the team fixed were visibly different film stocks used within scenes and image warping caused by old and swollen joins.

Once fully restored picture was synced to the newly captured sound and the digital film colour grading in a P3 cinema colourspace.

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