Project Description

Nulight was asked to digitally remaster several films made by veteran wildlife filmmaker Richard Kemp. Since only poor quality prints existed of most of his groundbreaking documentaries we went about fully remastering several of Richard Kemps films from the original 16mm negative rushes.

One of these films was Wolf! The Spanish Outlaw made in 1991. Part of the Anglia TV Survival strand the film reveals the dramatic and often harrowing clashes between Wolf and human populations and how hatred of the wolf has led to its destruction in nearly all European countries. However, the film also shows that in Spain, against all odds, wolf populations are making a comeback.

After tracking down each of the 16mm negative rushes for the film they were scanned at 2K and then re-edited using a surviving print of the film as reference. The edited film was given a light layer of restoration followed by a technical grade.

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